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River Bend Bakery promises to bring you quality, flavor-filled moments for the everyday.

From dipping our toes in the water on a warm afternoon to applause worthy cannonballs off the rope swing overhead, growing up along the river brings a certain ease to life – an ease we at River Bend Bakery carry into the work we do every day. We roll with every twist or turn that comes our way, and we believe in filling every moment with as much flavor and quality as possible. We’re helping people enjoy and appreciate day-to-day experiences through convenient, easy-to-love treats. They are a simple indulgence that are ready to go whenever, and wherever – because the important moments in life aren’t always planned.

So, whether you are a last-minute stand-in for a friend’s company potluck or swinging by to visit a loved one after they’ve had a hard day, our cake rolls help keep life on course and can turn any moment into one worth remembering.

River Bend Mom and Dad with two adorable girls walking through a grassy field to have a picnic on a crisp fall day.

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